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Curlz bingo

official rules

When you come into the salon, you will receive a game card to play, 'Curlz Bingo'.

A bingo, will be counted if you fulfill the requirements for 5 consecutive spaces or if you complete all of the spaces on the game card (blackout). 

1. Post your pictures on social media in order for the picture to count, you must tag us @kaylacurlzsalon

2. If your card is not turned in before March 6, 2020, the card will not be counted. 

3. To fulfill some of the spaces required, you will have to visit the salon such as amount spent, treatment, product, and review.

If you return a game card with 5 consecutive spaces completed, your name will be entered into a drawing for free product.

If you return a game card with all spaces completed on the game card, you will receive1 free 'Char' brand name products. 

What you win