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Hi, I'm Kayla

this is my story

I look forward each day to the creative challenge that is part of the salon.  As a women I understand just wanting to feel beautiful. My hope for you is that after sitting in my chair not only will you look amazing on the outside but that your inner self will know that you are beautiful. 

With my training in Curly and Fine/ thin hair and the use of green organic Surface products I can ensure the health of the hair and send my guest home with a style they can recreate. I want each of my guests to leave feeling listened to.


​Taking educational classes, taking breaks before I need one and meeting new people in the industry help keep me fired up and inspired!

Keeping things in clean, in order, and on time is my thing, although my husband is teaching me how to enjoy some spontaneity in life. I recently discovered I love Hot air ballooning!


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Tuesday                        8-5    PM
Wednesday                   1-7    PM
Thursday                       8-12  AM
Friday                          1-5    PM
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